Senior Software Engineer
June 2021 - October 2023
  • Owned features by taking an Epic from basic expectations to gathering business requirements, writing stories, and eventually coding features with 100% completion rate.
  • Leverages expertise in React, TypeScript, GraphQL, and Node.js to develop systems that interact with Kubernetes, enabling efficient resource management and deployment of containerized applications such as Grafana, Prometheus, and others.
  • Led a project using Cluster API to create an application that can provision Kubernetes clusters in multiple cloud providers including Azure (CAPZ), AWS (CAPA), vSphere (CAPV) and VMWare Cloud Director (CAPVCD) using the concept of multitenancy. • Identified upstream issues and made open source contributions when necessary in repos such as the JavaScript Kubernetes client.
  • Led the effort to transfer 100% of our CI from TeamCity to GitHub Actions. • Proficient in using Cypress and Jest for end-to-end testing of web applications, including writing automated tests, setting up test suites, and integrating with continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Actively contribute to the development and maintenance of an open source React UI component library that is utilized to support the development of a company’s main application. • Identify and mitigate critical CVEs.
  • Using Golang to help maintain an internal server called CAPIMate to provide Kubernetes resource schema to our UI Application.
Engage Talent
Senior Software Engineer
December 2019 – June 2021
  • Full-Stack developer building HR applications using Node, React and Elasticsearch.
  • Leveraged CircleCI and AWS to automate deployments and save manpower by limiting manual deployments.
  • Updated React to use hooks instead of class components and educated team members on how to take advantage of functional components.
  • Created a common React library to be shared across applications and made components explorable in Storybook.
  • Setup shell scripts to spin up docker containers and run DB migrations with Flyway.
Senior Software Engineer
May 2018 – December 2019
  • Full-Stack developer using continuous integration to deliver regular updates for Ceterus’ Fintech software solutions.
  • Back-end RESTful services using PHP, Slim Framework, and MySQL for persistence.
  • Front-end development using React, Redux, Hooks, Ant Design and Storybook.
  • Assisted leadership by fleshing out epics, breaking down stories, and managing Jira documentation/requirements.
  • Taught bi-weekly lunch and learns focused on teaching less technical co-workers minor coding skills that could be useful in their roles.
Booz Allen Hamilton
March 2016 – May 2018
SecureGive Project
Mid Software Engineer
  • Back-end RESTful service using Scala, Akka HTTP, Slick, and PostgreSQL for persistence.
  • Web development including leveraging technologies React, Redux, Reselect, Babel, Semantic, Jest, nginx, and Webpack.
  • Helped create an iPad kiosk with Swift and CocoaPods that processed credit card transactions through a Lilitab reader.
  • Used Electron, Node and React to write a Windows application that would process transactions with a credit card.
  • Worked with React Native and Flow to write an iOS/Android app where users could donate money to the organization of their choice.
Veterans Benefits Management System Ratings Project
Junior Software Engineer
  • Worked on Veteran’s Rule management system using Java stack that included Oracle SQL Server, Spring Boot, Liquibase, and Hibernate.
  • Used JPA Named Entity Graphs and Hibernate to lazy load objects where appropriate in order to ensure a performant application.
  • Wrote an intuitive front-end using AngularJS and Bootstrap that allowed users to manage business rules for veteran claims.
  • Wrote unit tests in new and legacy code to reach a milestone of 80% coverage after starting from 30%.